My name is Isabelle, I am originally from France where I did my studies in Geography and Tourism, then qualified as a tour guide. After my studies and a few work experiences I decided to go for an adventure and travel solo in South Africa. That was in April 2015 and since then I settled in this beautiful country. I totally fell in love with its landscape and its lifestyle.

I think I know South Africa better than France. I explored the Southern Coast quite extensively, fro Cape Town to the borders of Mozambique. I lived for 2 years in the Eastern Cape, an area that I really love and I had the opportunity to visit the neighboring countries such as Namibia, Lesotho and Mozambique.

I have settled in the south of Cape Town in 2018 and its with no doubts the area I know the best. I love the surrounding of Cape Town because they are so many options for exploration, rather it is for a week end getaway, a week or a full road trip.

Me and my partner are based in the South Peninsula, a few kilometers away from Cape Town. In 2020, I decided to pass my Western Cape Tour Guide certification to become a freelance tour guide and I can’t wait to take you with me to explore the most beautiful parts of Cape Town and its surrounding . . . with a twist !


I personally consider that the point of traveling is nested into discovery and exploration. I prefer focusing on original activities off the beaten track. My motto: visit a place like a local would do.

With Cape Town Explorer, I wish to guide you to alternative activities around Cape Town.

My tours are mostly based on nature interpretation, amazing landscapes and History. I like to share interesting facts about the places we visit and provide the main historical context without being too didactic. My tours usually combine a fun experience as well..

I favour small groups because it allows me to adapt the experience depending on your interests and your physical capacity as well.

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